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03/20/20: We have decided to close down games through 03/31/20.  Reopening date is to be determined. For now, our booking schedule shows game openings beginning 04/01/20.  Digital gift cards are available. Thank you for your interest in escaping tic toc.  We look forward to hosting you all for more fun times soon! Please let us know if you have any questions.  – The Tic Toc Family and Crew


03/17/20: We are currently open and taking additional precautions.  As a business based literally on teamwork and togetherness, we have always cleaned our facility regularly with cleaners and disinfectants needed to battle viruses.  We step up the germ fighting wipe downs during flu season.  COVID-19 has required a novel approach, so we are cleaning each game and puzzle piece after each game.  As many of you know, our games have a lot of of pieces.  We will not be removing puzzles to speed up the cleaning process.  We are instead limiting the number of games per day so that we have time to disinfect them, the lobby and the bathrooms in between games.  Each game has tissues and hand sanitizer, as well as the lobby.  Our bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper and soap.  If we have to secure them to make sure there’s enough for everyone, we have plenty of locks. Haha.  Only game hosts that are feeling healthy will be on location.

Additional measures:

  • Please, if you’re feeling sick – stay home.  With some notice, we can usually flex your game to another date.  Same day cancellations on weekend bookings and cancellations within two hours of game time cannot always be rescheduled.
  • All Games in March are being converted to private.  Games will require a minimum booking of four tickets.  Game prices for groups of more than four players will be based upon the total number of players in your group. 1 player = 1 ticket = $30.14
  • Games times are being spaced out to avoid overlap of groups and to provide sufficient time in between them for the additional disinfecting measures required to safely remain open during this time.  Typically, we run multiple games at a time with staggered arrival and departure.  For now, we will only start one game every two hours.  We will also need to be more stringent about game start and end times.  We cannot be as flexible as we generally try to be if customers are running late and there is a group scheduled after them.

We are trying to remain open to small groups for fun times in a safe, clean way.  We are monitoring recommended precautions throughout each day and will update the info above and our schedule as needed.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you! – The Tic Toc Family and Crew

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